UpLift Learning is an educational training portal where users can learn building trades and maintenance safety practices.

This unique program starts with an assessment of your current knowledge and suggests a starting point based on what you already know and focus areas tailored to what you want to learn. Right away, you can dive in to the material that’s right for you.

How Well do You Know Your Elevator?

What type of elevator do you own? Where do you find the log book? When was it last maintained? Not sure?

UpLift Learning offers four unique content categories that will inform, educate, and enhance your elevator know-how. Get started today — its free!

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  • Benefits Access exclusive educational content that allows you to operate your building better
  • Benefits Read, learn about, and understand different elements of building construction and operation
  • Benefits Become an expert on your specific building components

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  • Benefits Learn how to navigate the unique landscape of building maintenance, operations, and construction with confidence with the abundance of educational content
  • Benefits Enhance your understanding of your building, company, or trade, so you can effectively communicate your needs and expectations to service workers and elevator maintenance technicians
  • Benefits Earn points and badges by completing quizzes to maximize your efficiency and using knowledge to your advantage.

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